Scottie's Deli

Scottie’s Deli is located on the ground floor of the Tower Theater in Oklahoma City.  This 1930’s theater was among the first suburban theaters in the city and is located along the original part of Route 66. 

The main feature of the design, a surface mosaic, is a collection of images arranged to tell a story about place and identity.  We gathered hundreds of photographs, submitted by people interested in the project and collected from websites such as flickr.  The individual images get lost in the field of images, creating a surface condition with unique characteristics. 

Deli Mosaic Concept2bw.jpg

Another aspect of our firm’s research is incorporating technology to help tell the story of the objects when the amount of information is too much for us to sort through manually.  We developed a process across several different software platforms to collect photographs, organize them and process them for print and fabrication.  The algorithms that were used allowed us to sort the photographs by size, geo-tagged location data, date, and color.  Through different sorting methods we can tell different types of stories and also allow the surface mosaic to have different atmospheric characteristics.


Scottie's Deli
Location: Oklahoma City
Year: 2016
Team: Deborah Richards & Zachary Colbert. Completed as Inter-Projects Architecture.
General Contractor: Richard Percell
Photography: Bilyana Dimitrova Photography